Me! Press Me! Press Me!

Magic Coffee – check

Inspirational background music – check

Post worthy of being pressed freshly – well… still in the works.

Which has me thinking, what makes a good enough post to have it publicized? Or what makes a great YouTube video laudable of a million hits? Hmm…

The thing is that thinking too hard has the adverse affect you are looking for. It almost suppresses your gift instead of bringing it out. The pressure of having someone read you or view you is a bit paralyzing. Should I write as if no one was reading and act as if no one were watching? Hmm…

Maybe I’ll have my daughter bite my sons finger… or maybe… I should post a comic strip of something that makes absolutely no sense… or maybe I should tag this with words that have no utter relevance…Oooooor I can use the Antoine Dodson approach and tell everyone to “hide their kids, hide their wives, and hide their husbands” BAM! itune deserving just like that …Hmm

Dont look at me like that…Hey It works on Facebook!

Or maybe I should let everyone believe that there is some hidden message behind these words instead of just random thoughts. Yes! That’s it.

Dear Reader, (the whole two of you) there is a hidden message behind these words so please share with everyone you know and click on press this because it is too deep to be buried under all this hay. “So you can run and tell that homeboy”


Potential Overnight Sensation

Dedicated to my wonderful husband, who is an incredible writer despite the fact that he left off in the 6th grade and the other countless of awesome writers who’ve never been FP’d.