What are they putting in my Morning Coffee ?

A few times a week or so, in mid morning hours, after I drink my usual morning coffee.. this sudden urge of doing something great.. something huge… comes over me. Inspired in more ways than one, my mind runs rampant a thousand miles an hour and I feel like I’m unstoppable. But as the clock ticks away and the minutes fly by and NONE of these “great ideas” (or the mere inspiration for one) are manifested in the physical, dark and deep discouragement comes over me, leaving me with great sadness. Enamored with this BREATHTAKING feeling of doing something great but not knowing what that is, I despise the emptiness it leaves behind…so bittersweet. Its like inhaling an amazing aroma that awakens all of your tastebuds to the point of taking you to another time, but never being able to taste, even worst never finding out what is in that pot. Am I Bipolar? or is this the norm in great minds before achieving their first breakthrough? I’d rather embrace the latter idea, in the mean time I’m conducting extensive research on where my corner bodega purchases their coffee beans.


4 thoughts on “What are they putting in my Morning Coffee ?

  1. Norita says:

    You know my love your breakthrough is right around the corner. I see it, can you? Its going to happen, BELIEVE! I know you do, people with great minds usually do! Muah, te amo y te estraño a ti y a mis amados y a mi amado…..

  2. Kelly Rodirugeuz says:

    Great Blog Girlie !!

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